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Related post: Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2003 20:34:27 +0100 From: Tony Subject: Rich and Me Pt3.If you russian girl picture are under 18, please russian boys soldiers leave now. The following story contains male/male sex, if this is russian bitch natasha l;ikely to offend you russian bi girls please leave. This story is not copyright, it is given free of tie to Nifty. All comments, good or bad, to Other stories...Danny, under Beginnings, Private Study under Adult/Youth. 'Rich and Me Part 3. Rich has always been more domesticated than me so he went straight to the kitchen. He was a pretty good cook, russian erotic stories I was more inclined to cut the grass and clean up outside. We were non nude russian lola only wearing boxers and as he stood at the stove cooking eggs I pressed up behind him and kissed his neck and ears, he smelt beautiful, a wonderful teen male, my teen male, my brother and my lover. "Don't you love me any more" he asked. "Of course I love you, russian kiddie nude why do you ask, I can't imagine not loving you, you are all that I have ever wanted" I said. "You aren't hard anymore" he replied. "Rich, sex with you is out of this world, but I don't just love you for sex, I'm in love with the gorgeous guy inside. I want to crawl inside your skin and become just one person, one set of thoughts, one set of desires, in fact russian mafia free sex one life. Just to reassure your russian gay xxx lust I have a feeling that once we have recharged our batteries, I might need to use huge russian boys my probe to examine the inside of your beautiful body" "Promises, promises, all I get is promises" Rich said with a laugh "Once you have finished playing at being a chef you will find that my promises take very solid form, in fact by the end of the day you will praying for my erection meet sexy russian women to go down" I said. "I can't imagine that happening, pass me those plates, I just have eggs, bacon and tomato, I'm saving the sausage for later russian gays served with my special white sauce" said Rich. Once we had eaten and dealt with the dishes Rich said, "how would you feel if I came outside and helped you, then you can come inside and help me and when the work is finished we can cum inside each other" "I certainly like the last bit, let's get going" I said. russian sex tour As I mowed the grass Rich trimmed the edges and pulled a few weeds. "You are doing a good russian forced fuck job with those weeds lover russian butt boy" I told him. "Well everytime I grasp a weed and pull I imagine it's your dick" he said with a laugh. My little brother looked even more beautiful when he laughed, looking at free pics russian schoolgirls him had always been a thrill but in the last few days that thrill had intensified, I loved Rich so much. Once the chores were finished we gothic russian pic sat together on the couch and made gentle love. For almost thirty minutes we kissed and stroked and fondled but russian vouyer never touched the two rods of iron between us. "How did you feel when single russian brides you slipped your cock into my bum" asked Rich. "Over the moon, at last I felt that I was as close as I could possibly be with the guy that I loved and when I shot my load I knew I was giving you the greatest gift, how was it with you" "Absolutely fantastic, at last that lovely part of nacked artistic russian pictures you that I been sneaking glances at was inside me giving russian ballet nude me your love and the next night when I made love to you that was the peak" replied Rich. "In my dreams and fantasies I had always hardcore russian porn been the giver or the top as they call it but when I felt your dick inside me I decided I was a receiver as well as a giver, I think we are both top and bottom" Rich moved in front of with a knee on either side of my waist and slowly fed his throbbing seven inches of flesh into my mouth. I felt so good as the tip touched the back of my throat and I swallowed and allowed him to push his glorious weapon right down into my throat. I put my hand to my tiny russian girls neck and stroked the head of his dick and Rich giggled and said, "That tickles" Rich gently pulled back until his swollen head was in my mouth then pushed forward again until he was russian pussies nudging my adams apple, it brisbane performance russian ballet felt so good, not only for the pleasure I was getting but for the pleasure I was giving to my lover. My hands were fondling his silky teen cheeks and my finger was slipping in and out of his love shute. As Rich pulled russian gay porno back the back of my hand touched gay russian penis my swollen dick, a thought crossed my mind, if he lowered his bum to my lap I could lean forward and still russian art sex suck him and of course if his bum was in my lap the most comfortable place for my dick would be inside him. I was a randy sod, I was going to ravish my little brother in two ways. I made a mental note to stop thinking of Rich as my little brother, his seven inches was a pretty formidable russian nude weather weapon for a fourteen year old as my throat was telling me. His male appendage was the identical twin of mine and I knew from looking around in the changing rooms that only a couple of guys could beat me in the meat department. I stopped sucking long enough to say, "Rich will you sit down" he didn't even question me and hot russian bride just sat back as I held my cock upright and it slid gently into him. I quickly dropped my head and continued slurping on his tool. "Oh John, you are spoiling me, that feels ace" said Fuck russian mom Rich as he rose up from my dick pushing his own sexy russian boy down my throat, russian cheating wife then as he sat down I was able to breathe more easily as his cock slipped out and mine litle porno russian kids slipped in. It only took a few minutes of this treatment before he was pumping his man juice ilegal russian pics into my throat as he took mine into his belly. As we recovered we heard a noise russian shower sex at the back door and we hastily pulled up best russian porn our shorts, the shock made our hardons deflate in seconds. russian cum mouthful There was nobody at the door or outside or in the road at the front of the house. "It must have been the wind" I said russian porn mags to Rich and we kissed again. We almost emptied the fridge for lunch, as I buttered bread Rich was making sandwiches of cheese, salad, smoked salmon, (Mum would murder us) and sliced ham. After all, we were two growing teenagers. After we had cleared the debris we walked pussy of russians down to the store to replace the milk and OJ, I think fuck a russian we had consumed a two day supply for four people. Once back in the house Rich gave me a real sexy smile, his eyebrows went up to his hairline and the cormers of free russian gay pictures his Spanking russian mouth almost met his russian nymphs pics ears. I smiled back at him and nodded. He took my hand and lead me upstairs straight into russian fucking positions Mum and Dads bedroom. "Where did our lives start" he asked. russian amateur tgp "At the Memorial Hospital" I replied "Wrong" he answered, "It all started nine months earlier when Mum and Dad made love in this bed, I want you to make love to me in the middle of their bed" We slowly undressed each other, as I removed each of my lovers garments and I saw more of his gorgeous body I loved him more and more, he wasn't built like an athlete but his body was certainly very trim. My Rich had broad shoulders tapering into a narrow waist, a well developed chest and two perfect nipples which were already standing to attention, I just couldn't stop myself, I lowered my head to the right one as I fondled the other and my russian pregnant lover groaned and thrust his hips nude russian thumbnail against my thigh. "John why did we wait so long to do this, what have I done to deserve a lover like you" said Rich. "I want to crawl inside your body and make you mine as I give you my love" I stumbled backwards onto the bed pulling Rich on top of me, "Pretend you are Dad making love to Mum and slipping his enormous cock into her" I said. "I don't want to do that" said Rich, then seeing the look on my face he continued. "I russian hard porn want to be Rich, making love to his big brother who he loves more than anyone, I want you to feel me creeping up inside you until my sword is fully holstered in your scabbard then we will make love until I give you all my juice to prove how much I love you" said Rich "Lover boy, you are the best duncan boys russian thing to ever happen to me" I said, "I am all yours to do just anything, hot russian maid put that wonderful thing into my bum" Rich positioned himself above me and buried his head between my legs as I covered his big cock naked portal russian russian ilegal tiny with my russian nude couples saliva. I don't know where he learned his moves but as soon as his tongue touched my rosebud, a thrill ran nude russian woman personals through my body and when he pushed his rolled up oral spear into me I thought a firework display had started. I knew that if I didn't get his cock russian mom son porn soon I would spoil everything, he realised that and quickly pushed my knees up to my chest. I felt his rock hard dick touch me, I wanted him extreme russian sex underground so much that my hole opened of its own accord and my boyfriend just glided inside. His wonderful weapon my nude russian bride pushed the walls of my tunnel apart until he could go no further. I had a very fat seven inches of my brother buried inside me. "Are you OK lover" he whispered. "I'm always OK when I have you with me and when I have your enormous willie buried in my belly I am better than OK, make love to me Rich and give me your creamy milk" I replied. For russian girls chat over twenty minutes his hips pushed his dick in and out of my love shute as his tongue explored my mouth. russian bride I was in heaven nobody deserved this much kiddy fuck russian pleasure. My lover gently russian girls chat room increased the speed of his thrusts and we needed to break our russian defloration pics kiss to get our breath, both of us were beginning to pant, he was pushing harder and further, it felt as if the head of his russian nude yr cock would meet his tongue and then with a shout he gave one last push and I felt his spunk fire into me> The knowledge that Rich russian female nude photography was pouring russian gay porn sites his love into me broke the dam and I fired the contents of my balls up between our bodies. I don't think either of our teenage bodies had ever produced so much cum, I'm sure we both fired about six strings of hot creamy thick love juice. We lay there in the middle of our parents bed for a long time without speaking and without moving with his prick still inside me, we were in heaven. russian nudist and naturist "I love you John" Rich whispered. "I don't think I could love you more than I do" I said, "Thank you for being my brother and lover" "If Mum and Dad russian cuties incest enjoy love making as much topless russian as we do russian flowers torrent they are very lucky people" said Rich. Rich rolled off of me but we russian nude ls stayed in each others arms, "Have you ever seen Dad hard" I asked Rich. "Yes, 4 russian nudist girls I burst into this bedroom one day when he had just got out of bed, he's enormous"."I know I saw him one day, he must be about nine inches, I wouldn't want that in my bum" I said. "There is only one dick I russian bride scam list nude professional russian gymnast want in sex russian illegal me, this one" said Rich russian nude free as he squeezed me.We watched TV as we ate some frozen meals but the continuous sex took hot russian nudes its toll and we went to bed pretty early without hearing the old folks girl russian nudism come home. We had already decided that we would cuddle in bed but whichever of us awoke first would move away, Mum had seen us cuddle but we didn't want to arouse her suspicions by being to close. During Sunday whenever we were alone we would hold hands and kiss but russian nudist photos no sex until we were in bed russian pre schoolgirls and then we both took a drink from the fountain of love. Monday was a good day and russian twins porn whenever Rich and I passed between classrooms we managed to touch fucked russian teesn each other which made us feel good. There was one strange thing, David who was a friend of both of us seemed to be on edge, he hardly spoke even though he shared our lunch table. Whenever I looked at him he looked away, he wasn't the David we knew At the end of the school day back in our bedroom we kissed and groped, and I was pleased to discover Rich was as hard as me. "Did you think David was strange today" asked Rich "Yes, I don't know what's wrong he was pictures of russian whores staring at us when he thought we weren't looking, did we do anything wrong" I replied. "I'm pretty sure we didn't but we will have to be even more careful, I shudder to free russian fuck pics think what would happen if our secret got out" said Rich We did our homework then had our evening meal with our usual chat across the table. Ever since we were old enough to understand Mum and Dad had talked to us about things that were going on, even talking about their work We lazed around watching TV until the phone rang, it was David, he wanted me to help him with his homework and russian fuck porn suggested we both small russian titties went over, it was less than 5 minutes walk David opened the toples 16 russian door to us, he was alone youn russian girls in the house and took us up to his room. He was still acting strangely so I said, "David, what gives, you have been strange all day, we both noticed it, do you want to talk about it" David turned away from us and said nothing for about swing sex russian half a minute, then he mumbled, "I saw you on Saturday" "Well so what, where did you see us" asked Rich."In your living room, I came in the back door thinking you were upstairs and saw you together on the couch" "You what" Rich and I shouted together. If I was russian hot girl the same colour as Rich I was a good shade of scarlet. "Rich had your thing up his bum, I crept out before you saw me" "The door" russian beauties nude said Rich looking at me. "What are you going to do now" I asked David. I was so scared and Rich looked the same."It's OK, I won't tell anyone" said David. "If you illegal russian nudes keep quiet we russian lesbains will do anything, just tell us" said Rich. David faced us and his voice was so quiet we could only just hear him, russian nudists camp family "Can I do it with you" "You mean you want to put your dick up my bum" asked amateur russian threesome Rich. "Maybe, but I want your dick up my bum and I want to suck you, I didn't realise you guys were so big until Saturday, your cocks russian cuties tgp are terrific, I'm gay, are you two gay or do you just mess about with sex" I russian porn sites glanced at petite girls nude russians Rich and with his eyes he told me russian panties to go ahead, "We are certainly gay and even though we share a bedroom neither of us knew the other was until last gay russian movies Wednesday. I have known I wanted Rich for about two years" "Me the same" said Rich, "I used to sneak glances at John hoping to see him hard""What do you want to do" I asked David "I don't know, I've never touched another guy, can I touch your dicks" TBC I will do my best to not keep you waiting to long.
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